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I am a male with a male name and they kept calling me ma'am. They are rude and won't answer questions. I guess I'll send my sister to court for me since they think I'm a maam. Ugh Add comment

Mail interrupted due to marital separation, judge allows personal garnishment on business bank account even after statute of limitations expires. Welcome to Oklahoma. Add comment

I had a bill. Didn't pay it. Came back to *** me in the hoo-hah. My fault; whaddaya gonna do? Didn't know about credit when I moved out. But years later, I KNOW. lol. NOW. sheesh. SO I wasn't able to pay the bill b/c I was unemployed a looooooong time. Went to school, got some cred, got a GREAT job, PRAISE THE LORD! :::hands up:::: they contacted my employer to garnish my wages. ::gasp::... Read more

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They drained my savings because supposedly my mom owes money. Im a single mom of three trying to buy a house there went all my closing money Read more

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Love Beal, and Nixon are straight up crooks , thieves , they just drained my bank account last week over a debt supposedly owed by my father ( who is a Sr. Me a JR ) now my bank account is very overdrawn , these crooks wont even tell me anything about the debt , because its not my debt , really then why did you take my money . Someone is going to go full blown redneck on these theives , hope... Read more

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Not going to mess with them. Getting a printout of all we have paid and going to hire an attorny. We made an offer of $4,000 on a $6000 debt ( so they say) but We dont owe that much now. Dont let these low life people who are not attorneys intimidate you. I would rather pay or be in debt to a lawer than let these weasels have money that is not theirs. Read more

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FYI, Bill Nixon runs a shoddy operation and has recently been arrested for soliciting prostitutes for his own use... Nice, slimy individual.... Add comment

I'm trying to pay off my student loans I have. After recieving a letter from this collection agency. I decided to call and clarify on what i needed to do,The lady in the collections department assumed I was no good piece of ***. She had a horrible attitude, and when I tried to ask a question she would get rude and interrupt me and start critizing me. After listening to her what seemed like... Read more

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Love Beal and Nixon are trying to collect $20k for a debt that was paid...i have a pay off letter and lien release both notarized...i submitted to court house, court clerk...they will not come to my county and go before a judge because they know they are wrong...they just want to harrass me and say it wasnt paid for!! I have legal notarized from the original debtor...they are rip offs! They will... Read more

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I have been sued twice by this company and then they have gotten payments and froze my account one year later there trying to collect and gave added up more interest charges is this even legal Read more

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